iTunes Songs and Life

30 08 2012

I haven’t reset my iTunes play count in ages. Most of the songs I really like/still like even if I don’t listen to them so much anymore. Others are embarrassing. So here are the top 25 songs I’ve listened to, in ascending order (that’s the one where it goes from bottom to top, right?):

25. The Parting Glass – The Wailin’ Jennys

I don’t know why I’ve listened to this song so often. It must just be because those harmonies are AMAZING. Also, I like traditional Irish songs. But mostly it’s because of the harmonies.

24. Candles – Hey Monday

This is embarrassing. Almost as embarrassing as the video. I’d use the actual real music video, but I’m scared of copyright ninjas coming to get me. Anyway. I have no excuses for this song. I wasn’t an angsty teenager. I wasn’t even going through a breakup. Well, okay, there was a friend-breakup that I may have taken much harder than I should have. This is still embarrassingly on my top 25 most played. I’m trying hard to make it not be anymore.

23. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) – The Proclaimers

Okay. So obviously the song doesn’t really start with the Tardis noise. But this video is one of the reasons I love this song.  Also, I love it because of How I Met Your Mother. It makes me want to drive around with my friends and sing it. Also also, my Twins and I sing/quote this at each other a lot so it makes me happy.

22. Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da – The Beatles

A line from this song is the tagline for my blog. I love how this song is all about how life goes on, brah. People change, things happen, you have kids and life goes on. It’s so happy and cyclical and Paul messes up and says that Desmond stays at home and does his pretty face. This song gets stuck in my head like NO OTHER.

21. I’m Looking Through You – The Beatles

I love The Beatles. Lots of Beatles songs are on here. This is a good one to listen to when you suddenly realize that your relationships with certain people are changing because they’re changing. It’s another friend-breakup song. (See, I’ve never had a real breakup, so I used all my breakup angst on friend troubles…I’m just that awesome)

20. Here, There, and Everywhere – The Beatles

It’s a pretty great love song, I guess. I think it’s got a sadness to it, too. There’s something melancholy and wistful about it. God, guys, The Beatles are just SO GOOD.

19. Ridin’ In My Car – She & Him

I have a HUGE girl-crush on Zooey Deschanel. She’s just SO quirky and adorable with the eyes and the hair and the face and the awkward! askdfSDffffff! Naturally, I like her band. For some reason this is the song I like the most.

18. Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand – The Beatles (or DIE Beatles, auf Deutsch?)

The Beatles got started on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg. As thanks to the German fans who were there at the beginning, they recorded two songs in German: this one and Sie Liebt Dich (bet you don’t need me to translate that for you). I like to freak out people who are expecting the song to be in English. Also, I listen to it more than the English version, so now it freaks me out when I hear I Wanna Hold Your Hand.

17. Vienna – Billy Joel

Billy Joel is another goddamn genius. This song is PERFECT for college seniors freaking out about jobs, applying for jobs, not getting jobs, and feeling like life is starting to leave them behind. I listened to this A LOT last semester when I couldn’t sleep because The Future was scary. It made me feel better.

16. Let It Be – The Beatles

Look, it’s the music video but with Playmobil guys!
Don’t let that cheapen how much I love Let this song though. This is my EVERYTHING song. I can’t listen to it enough. It is my go-to song when I’m sad, happy, nostalgic, upset, or just want to listen to something REALLY good. Paul McCartney is songwriting genius.

15. Wine Red – The Hush Sound

The Hush Sound used to be my favorite band ever. They were different from all the Top 40 crap I had to listen to in high school and I really liked the imagery in their songs. The lyrics of their songs told me stories, made me think, and excited my imagination. Wine Red especially affected me. It even inspired me to write a (sort of horrible) story that involved Norse and Greek mythology and (obviously) a garden.

14. King of Anything – Sara Bareilles

I LOVE Sara Bareilles. She’s always like, “Fuck you, I’m going to do it how I want. Don’t try to manipulate my career, jackass.” Back when I was an Oppressed English Major and my trips home always involved conversations with my parents that were like, “But honey, what are you going to do for a JOB? You CAN’T major in English. At least pick something else that’s practical. You’re going to be a really good secretary, I bet.” This song vocalized everything I wanted to scream at them. And it helped me realize that I COULD still major in English, because it’s what I wanted.

13. The Trapeze Swinger – Iron and Wine

I have NO idea. I think I liked the images and the story. I also liked how it made me feel sad. I really like listening to songs that make me sad. However, the fact that a nine-and-a-half minute song is so high up on my list kind of makes me shake my head at myself. I must have been a JOY back then. Don’t worry, I’m not nearly as gloomy these days.

12. Magnolia – The Hush Sound

GOD, I still like this song. It’s just so…so…SO. Her voice is so powerful and the lyrics…what is she talking about? What happened to whoever she’s singing to? I STILL WANT TO KNOW.
Some days when I’m really sad, it reminds me of my friend who died of cancer when she was nine. Geez, I like sad songs.

11. Without You – RENT soundtrack

Again with the sad songs. This still makes me cry. Which, based on this list, is what I go for when I listen to music.

And, this got long. So I’ll post the top ten in a day or two.

Willy Wonka and Horror

29 08 2012

Chutney and I watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory last weekend.

I’ve watched the movie many, many times and it’s always been a little creepy. The part where they’re in the boat and all that weird shit is showing up on the walls of the tunnel…seriously, what the hell is that? Also, the “Pure Imagination” bit has always creeped me out, too:

Also, just generally. An old recluse candymaker lures five children into his giant, secretive, gated candy factory? I don’t want to crush any childhood dreams, but isn’t that kind of the stereotypical “free candy” van, but amped up?

Free Candy Child Molester Van, Creepy

I’ve always had this theory that Wonka could easily be a horror movie. The Tim Burton version takes it a step further than the original. I think, though, that there should be a third Wonka remake. And in this one, he’s evil and he means business.

This idea really started jogging in my mind last weekend. Chutney told her boyfriend we were watching the movie. He said, “You realize that it’s basically the movie ‘Seven,’ right?”

Our minds were blown. Augustus is obviously gluttony. Violet is pride. Veruca is greed. Mike is sloth. You’re only missing envy (and Charlie could maybe be envy, but he’s pretty perfect), wrath, and lust (though lust with children gets uncomfortable). And one by one they go down (except Charlie, which is the problem with him being the embodiment of anything).

So, if you wanted to make Willy Wonka a horror movie, I think you could go the seven deadly sins route. He’s a serial killer. He snatches horrible children away with the lure of all sorts of candy. Everything is edible. The only problem? Some of it is laced with cyanide. Serves those greedy, slothful, gluttonous fatties right, right?

The tagline would probably be “The Candyman Can.”


Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka...madman

Eccentric Candymaker or Madman?

The children enter the creepy, crazy, “creative” factory run by demented madman Willy Wonka. The imprisoned, drugged-up Oompa Loompas try to help the only way they can: singing their warnings in badly-rhymed songs. The descent into insanity and darkness is fraught with peril and poison.

Will Charlie and Grandpa Joe escape? Will ANY of them escape? Where is that elevator REALLY taking them at the end?

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was already creepy enough. And I really need to see a movie where a room is full of candy, some of which is laced with poison. Someone please, please, PLEASE make this movie!

New Favorite Thing

10 08 2012

So, um, this week shit got way, way too real and way, way too heavy.

But THIS makes me feel SO much better. 🙂



I can’t stop watching it.

Also, confession: I actually like this song. A lot.

18 Things I Want (right now!)

8 08 2012

Got this idea from a post on Thought Catalog. Here are 18 things I want right at this very minute, without stopping to think:

1. A really, really, REALLY delicious cup of coffee
2. A turnover or pastry of some sort
3. For me and my friends to all live wherever we want in the world, but to still somehow be able to see each other whenver we want
4. To go to U of Chicago for grad school in history
5. Some sort of class/intellectual outlet for all of my thoughts
6. The new season of How I Met Your Mother (RIGHT NOW!)
7. I want to read about the Holocaust
8. I want to be inspired so I write something really, REALLY good
9. A hug
10. My arrival information about Prague
11. October to be here
12. 5:00
13. My best friends. Here. Now.
14. My hip to stop hurting
15. A Coke
16. Someone to get drunk with this evening
17. An hour to play catch with my dad
18. To not live at home anymore.

1 08 2012

Yes. Yes, yes, yes. All of this.