I’m Cheating On You

8 10 2012

So, there’s probably no reason for me to post this because, well, I hardly post anything here and hardly anybody reads it. BUT JUST IN CASE.

I have been cheating on this blog. This is fine for random thoughts or writing things that don’t fit anywhere else, but it lacks focus. It doesn’t feel like it has a goal. There are other things I want to do.

So, I have two other blogs. I update them far more regularly than this one. Really, I just keep this one around in case I ever want to write anything that wouldn’t fit anywhere else.

First, I went crazy this summer. I got bored and decided that I was going to read every book on the ‘1001 Books To Read Before You Die’ list. I’m chronicling my journey at The Quixotic Reader. So you can check that out, if you’re interested.

Second, on Wednesday (as in, 48 hours from now I’ll be boarding a plane) I’m moving to Prague to teach English. I started a travel/teaching blog called The Czechspat Diaries.

So, there are those blogs. You can go and see them, if you want. And who knows, maybe someday there’ll be something I want to write that doesn’t have to do with books or life abroad or whatnot and I’ll post something here again.

Goodness knows I have enough drafts of ANGST that I wrote and decided not to share…