Well, This is Awkward

29 03 2017

*peeks out from behind curtain*

Hi. I’m back.

Life has changed.

I moved. Flat-out left Iowa. Left the Midwest. Left the Central Time Zone! If there is one thing I just can’t get used to, it’s the news being on at 11:00 instead of 10:00 every night. IT’S. NOT. NATURAL.

(The layout of WordPress has really changed. I do NOT think I like this new text box. WHERE ARE THE LINES?! THIS IS HORRIBLE, I DO NOT LIKE THIS AT ALL.)

Anyway, I live in Boston now. I am doing quite well living on the impressive salary I bring in as an unpaid intern.

Oh, right, I didn’t mention that I’m in grad school now. I’m getting a Masters in Library Science. For Archives Management. Though so far I haven’t managed any archives. I am, however, a mighty intern who spends her time moving folders around and stressing over the exact right way to organize a bunch of documents.

Last semester I “learned” HTML. If you think that means that now I can make do stuff to make this blog look better, or at least different, you are sorely mistaken, my friend. I can’t. I did make a website, though. It is a really, really terrible website. Like, you cannot believe how terrible. Like, think early-2000s era website. It’s like that. The teacher was all, “This website will be here until you graduate! Put it in your portfolio and send potential employers the link when you apply to jobs.”



It is awful. I somehow managed to create it, and I am not unproud of myself, but it will not be getting me any job offers. And I certainly do not know how to make it better. It’s been over 3 months since the last time I had to write any code, and I am sure that I couldn’t even replicate the horrible ugly fiasco I made. It’s probably safe to say that I don’t ACTUALLY know HTML.

Did that stop me from saying yes when the job application I filled out the other day asked if I knew how to code?


And that is what I have gotten out of one and a half semesters of graduate school, so far. I learned how to code long enough to create a website that is an assault on the eyes, then promptly forgot.

Well, that and I learned that assigning Dewey numbers to books is witchcraft and catalogers must all be witches and wizards. I love Library of Congress subject headings though.

Also, one and a half semesters in, and I am losing my brain a little. Yesterday I was answering a reference question and I couldn’t figure out what to call the person who is in charge of the courtroom. I thought and thought and the best I could come up with was “court boss.” So that’s what I wrote down.


The word I was looking for was judge.

Good grief.

This is not even what I wanted to write about. Like, not even a little.


I don’t even know what this was or why it happened, but happen it did. I guess I just needed a break from writing lit reviews and seminar papers. I actually had something else I wanted to write here, but then this happened.

Good grief, self, you come to a blog for the first time in 2 and a half years or something like that, and then you don’t even write the idea you had that brought you back in the first place?

Maybe another day.

I’m going to go eat a burrito now.


How To Seduce Me

26 06 2012

If you really, REALLY want me to do something for you (like, say, take a job that you REALLY want me to take but I’m not sure I want to keep), just let me look through old documents. That’s all it takes.

I’m a sucker for history. And when I can see things for myself that were actually PART of history, I get really excited. Today I went to the State Historical Society to look through a few of the hundreds of boxes of documents, manuscripts, letters, scrapbooks, etc that belonged to a U.S. Congressman from Iowa. They’re all at least 100 years old. I held in my hand letters from office of Teddy Roosevelt. I saw his signature.

But, anyway. The people I’m temping for right now want me to take a permanent job. My job would be to scan all of these documents and create a sort of digital library, and then to do research and potentially write a book about this congressman from my town.

I definitely was not seeing this job as a permanent thing. I was going to keep applying for jobs, move to Chicago or some other awesome big city, and then get out of here. But then I went to the historical society and I got to talk with a REAL ARCHIVIST and I got to see all of these THOUSANDS of pages of documents that few people have ever seen. And they are all there waiting for ME to read them and do things with them.

And now…how can I leave? How can I not take this job? Now that I’ve seen these cool old things I’ll get to work with, it’s like…I MUST stay. I MUST. Those documents need me.

So…if you ever want to make me do something or want to seduce me, just show me old documents. At the least, it’ll make me want to drop everything and do whatever you want me to do as long as I can keep looking at them.